Cultural Immersion Insights

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      Organising Cultural Immersion Retreats is a hana aloha, labour of love always for me. There are the obvious aspects of accommodation and transport. There’s the months of connecting with, building and ho’omalama (nurturing) aloha and pono relationships with various Kumu and Kupuna. There’s the hilina’I (trust) that the schedule and the people will… Read more »

Superhero Undies, Eveready Bunny & Aloha ♥

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It’s not often that I sit back from my computer and say a humbling, heartfelt ‘WOW’, and I’m feeling very grateful that today was one of them. The last week had been one that had resulted in me taking many a deep HA breath and exclaiming “Geez, there sure is something going on in the… Read more »

Being of Service in 2017

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As I have journeyed through life, a concept that has always been important to me is that of being of service, of giving back and/or paying it forward. Honouring,respecting and valuing : all life, all who have taken the time to teach and share their wisdom, all who have shown aloha.          … Read more »

Interview with Tracey & Kaleo

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When Barbara asked to interview us, I will confess to being a little nervous! Whilst I trust in & certainly pule’d to ensure the ancestors would be guiding the interview & what came out of my mouth, I’m still human 😉 Also, always being mindful & aware that I am being ka leo (the voice)… Read more »

Pick Up The Phone

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  In this modern technological age, we have the blessing of the smartphone, internet. email, tablet and a multitude of devices to keep us connected and informed. Or do they?   Whilst Google is a wonderful resource for information, it is also a haven for much mis-information. I certainly do bless some of that information… Read more »

Honouring Pono Practices

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As I head toward the final Advanced LomiLomi Training in Australia, I have been reflecting on  the prevalence of people purporting to ‘do’ lomilomi, to ‘incorporate some lomilomi strokes and techniques’. On a visit to the gym recently I saw a flyer for the new massage practitioner there. On reading the flyer, that phrase was… Read more »

Puddles, Pilikia & Pono

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I do so love the way Spirit regularly provide opportunities to check in that my aloha, pono and my hele ka ‘olelo (walk the talk) superhero undies are firmly in place. Tuesday evening I received a message on Facebook from a friend, asking for assistance to find Puddles, a gorgeous little 6 month old bundle… Read more »

Just Leap

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Those who have known me a long time also know that when I receive a clear message to leap or embrace an opportunity, to correct my course or change it completely, I take a few deep HA breaths, look up at the sky & say seriously?! Then I leap on in & paddle… fast! Visualise… Read more »

As a practitioner, when was the last time YOU had bodywork ?

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    There is an article under “Publications & ‘Ike’ on this website titled Hawaiian Lomilomi & Seeking a Practitioner. I originally wrote an extended version of this for the AHHCA Newsletter to assist in the understanding of what Lomilomi is & the questions to ask when seeking an authentic practitioner. As I was… Read more »

Keep Paddling……..

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Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding Lomilomi, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual sharing, learning opportunities and more. Keep paddling strong and sure with your focus on your desired experience. Kulia I Ka Nu’u ~ Strive for the Highest Peak, Strive for the Summit.

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