ALOHA RAINBOWS: A Journey of Pono, Protocol & Precious Kupuna

By Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali



Aloha Rainbows book coverA photographic tribute of Hawaiian culture, spirituality, healing traditions and The Aloha Spirit. Honoring Hawaiian teachers, elders and all who perpetuate their sacred traditions. This is a brief glimpse into a journey of deep respect of Hawaiian wisdom and ALOHA.

Note: The author recognize it is the kuleana (responsibility) of those outside Hawaii, who utilize and benefit financially from these sacred teachings and practices, to give back to Native Hawaiians who are striving to perpetuate their cultural practices. As such she undertakes fundraising and donates regularly to Native Hawaiian projects.

* Hence a portion from all book sales is donated to Fundraising for Native Hawaiian projects.

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Reviews :

“So verry PONO!  Really felt so home-grown!  Loved the Pics & all!  Congrats!!” Anake Mahealani Kuamo’o – Henry 1/12/2014


“We just got the book today! Wow Wow Wow. Love love love it! You da bes evah! So proud of you getting this done and out in the world. Congratulations!!!” La’akea Rumsey – 29/11/2014


“Mahalo too for your continuing commitment to the true meanings of our culture. Our kupunas smile in appreciation as do we. Mahalo ho’i for your book. It is beautiful. I love it. It’s the kind of book that you want to share with everyone. In America, we call that kind of book a “Coffee Table” book.  The kind of book that one keeps on their coffee table in the living room so whenever people come over that’s the first thing they see. You did good. The pictures are so expressive. Mahalo. Blessings to you and Kaleo” Neaulani


“So happy & inspired to see the fruition of this project Kumu- the book looks fantastic & the energy of honouring the Kumu & Kupuna certainly shines through as does their mana & aloha . Maika’i no !!” Kaleo North – Nov 2014


“Dear Kumu, Much respect and gratitude for your amazing book publishing of Hawaii’s sacred ancestors works. The footage is truly incredible! Mahalo Nui xo” Mary  Nov 2014


“Aloha Kumu, The book has arrived wow what a beautiful book and yes who would have thought that my art work would end up in a book, love love love it very enjoyable, Mahalo” Steven – Nov 2014


“The mana, aloha spirit, beauty & energy radiating from Aloha Rainbows flows through into the heart & being of the one reading this amazing book.Mahalo Nui Loa to you Kumu for sharing this & so much more through your eyes & personal huaka’i. You too are also a precious Kumu to be acknowledged with the deepest respect & honour for all that you do & give to bring the spirit of Hawaii Nei to us all. Aloha Nui,” Danielle


“Aloha. ..your beautiful book arrived today…really nice job.  I feel honored to have the ipu a part of your story.” 
Mary Amos