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In this modern technological age, we have the blessing of the smartphone, internet. email, tablet and a multitude of devices to keep us connected and informed. Or do they?


Whilst Google is a wonderful resource for information, it is also a haven for much mis-information. I certainly do bless some of that information for the eye-rolling exercises and deep HA breaths with which they provide me. Remember Nana I Ke Kumu – Look To the Source.


This technological age has also resulted in the prevalence of the quick answer, impersonal, lack of connection texting and FB messaging. These are very useful ‘connecting’ tools for many reasons. However they have also paved the way for much misunderstanding, mis-interpretation. misperception and ‘disconnection’ from human interaction and engagement.

I often receive texts, FB messages and emails from haumana and others requesting guidance or asking a question. I always reply in a pono way in relation to the capacity with which the question was asked. I can hear the ‘huh, what?’ resounding in some of your mana’o. As I recently wrote to a haumana after a recent such exchange :


“An aloha protocol suggestion for questions such as this in the future, a phone call will elicit deeper information and layers.”


Ae, pick up the phone!!!!!!!

Value and respect the knowledge, wisdom, depth of experience, time, energy and the journey travelled of a Kupuna, Kumu, Teacher. There is sooooo much they know, however remember, you gotta ask the right questions and actually listen to what is being said, how it is being said and what is not being said. Listen to their voice. Connect with their HA, their MANA.

Pick up the phone and press the call button for a change. You may find a whole new world of possibilities and breadcrumbs open up for you.

Malama Pono

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