Just Leap

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Those who have known me a long time also know that when I receive a clear message to leap or embrace an opportunity, to correct my course or change it completely, I take a few deep HA breaths, look up at the sky & say seriously?! Then I leap on in & paddle… fast! Visualise… Read more »

As a practitioner, when was the last time YOU had bodywork ?

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    There is an article under “Publications & ‘Ike’ on this website titled Hawaiian Lomilomi & Seeking a Practitioner. I originally wrote an extended version of this for the AHHCA Newsletter to assist in the understanding of what Lomilomi is & the questions to ask when seeking an authentic practitioner. http://aloharainbows.earth/hawaiian-lomilomi-seeking-a-practitioner/ As I was… Read more »

Keep Paddling……..

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Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding Lomilomi, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual sharing, learning opportunities and more. Keep paddling strong and sure with your focus on your desired experience. Kulia I Ka Nu’u ~ Strive for the Highest Peak, Strive for the Summit.

Go Fund Me Project

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Aloha! For the last 20+ years I have been committed to be being a voice of Aloha & Pono for Hawaiian Spirituality, Culture & Healing practices, particularly in Australia. I have been given a huge shove over the last few months to step onward from teaching Lomilomi in Australia & instead step into a new… Read more »

Aloha Rainbows Launches!

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Aloha Everyone & welcome to the hānau (birth) of aloharainbows.earth!   When I began the process over 2 years ago of overhauling my then website, little did I know the journey that was really ahead of me. Whilst I knew things were taking the amount of time they were for reasons that would be revealed, little… Read more »

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