“Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” is an extraordinary collection of true-life experiences written from the hearts & minds of more than 40 inspiring authors. We created this book because we know there are many journeys for the mind, body& spirit, & so many life lessons for us to explore, heal, & grow from.
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Tracey Ha’aoLakainãpali joins Älska publishing as a contributing author in the bestselling ‘Heart to Heart’ series alongside industry thought leaders Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle, both whom were featured in ‘The Secret’. Here you will find her inspiring story “They Get To the Beach When They Get To the Beach”.  She shares events of her life’s journey of a 54+ years ‘Path of Wellness’ with humour , insight and through the wisdom of a fragment of Hawaiian spirituality.  Her 30+ years of active studies and professional life in many modalities of health, wellness and spirituality have provided her with empowering insights that she readily shares. Her path has lead her to simply Living Aloha & Being Pono. As a lomilomi practitioner, teacher and forever student of Hawaiian healing and cultural practices, she provides opportunities to make that journey to the beach a little smoother 😉


Excerpt from Tracey’s chapter:

“Time for me to sit still for a moment in my canoe, look at the stars, correct the course, and change direction. Ho’opono pono ke ala—make right, more right the path. Everything is I ka pono mea—in perfection, right place, right time, right being. That’s why I’ve never really understood the question “Are you a person who is a glass half empty or half full?” I believe it’s always full. It just keeps expanding to accommodate more joy, opportunities, and desired experiences. We simply have to remember to be in the joyfulness and aloha of every moment. The time had come for me to get a shiny, new, really big glass.”


“Your book chapter is brilliant!!!!! It’s very heartfelt & inspirational. It made me laugh out loud, such a pleasure to read. It’s wonderful that Spirit is calling you to share your teachings through writing, you will be able to reach so many more people. Lots more writing opportunities for you coming up!! Here’s the shifts I had through reading your chapter…………..” LH

“Mahalo too for the books..I read your chapter last night…very inspiring & deeply insightful…much learning to draw from in there. Aloha,” Danielle  Feb 2015

“Hello Tracey. I have just received the books Thankyou. It was excellent to read your story as I resonated with the lighthouse and the bunny. Thankyou. I picked a random one next which was www.consciously-in-in-balance.com I can feel that this is a Healing book for everyone. What a gift of sharing and healing. Love you,” Jude Feb 2015