Aloha e komo mai! ( Aloha & Welcome)

Life is a continuous journey of learning, growing and changing. Along our path we come across people, places, ideas, therapies and situations that impact on our lives and help shape who we are. Some are fleeting connections, some will have such an impact as to last a lifetime.

Through my journey of life I have encountered many wonderful ‘treasures’. Hawaiian healing, Lomilomi, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual practices, along with the beauty and energy of the Hawaiian Islands and her people, have been a special, profound and powerful part of that journey, as has sharing the Aloha Spirit. My wish is that the information contained on this site will in some way assist you in your quest for knowledge, understanding, information, self-empowerment, personal and planetary healing.

My continuing journey as well as the purpose of the information contained within this website, is the share the Aloha Spirit along with the Hawaiian cultural, healing and spiritual wisdom in a way that perpetuates the sacredness, respect and honouring of Kanaka Maoli.

Me ke aloha pumehana,


E ola hou ka ‘ike kupuna

Revive the ancient knowledge

“Native Hawaiian spirituality is one of humanity’s treasures, and contact with its wisdom is always a gift,” Marianne Williamson ( Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii).

This quote from Edward Kanahele in the book ‘Ancient Sites of Molokai, Maui & Lana’i’. articulates so deeply the very core of Aloha Rainbows, Lomilomi Wahine & Hālau Mālama Nā Pua e Lima Kaiwi Mau Loa.

“One of the ho’okupu (gift, offering) of highest value in the native Hawaiian culture is not an offering of fruit or vegetable or foliage; neither is it an offering of a fish( or a stone wrapped in a ti leaf) or a whale’s tooth or a family heirloom ; rather it’s ones word! One’s commitment! One’s promise! One’s sincere oath to pay deference to & uphold the physical & spiritual values of the culture!

One’s word is the ho’okupu of choice!”

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