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As we head toward the completion of each year, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been,  as well as the energies of the new year to come.


It’s a time of KOHO  ( CHOICES ).


What people, places, situations, ways of behaving, thinking, speaking, patterns, old beliefs, habits no longer serve you for a harmonious, healthful journey?

You are provided opportunities to step up or step into your Mana ‘Iho (Self Empowerment) & your ‘Uhane Nui ( Spirit Greatness) daily. You have a choice.


Do you listen to our old stories with the Many Excuses, keep eating those old mouldy dishes and trying to land your wa’a on the rocks?

Or do you choose MINDFUL SELF-REFLECTION, recognise only YOU can toss those old, unhealthy dishes in the trash can, jam the lid on it hard, find a new healthy abundant metaphorical supermarket with rows of healthy choices to put in your shopping trolley and aim &  guide that wa’a to the soft landing of the sand.


It really is that simple. CHOICES……..EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


IMG_3040 (1)RITUAL is an invaluable tool to support kala & oki ( release) of the old, of cleansing & clearing as well as providing the INTENT for creating & manifesting Magical Experiences.
A ritual can be as simple as throwing out old clothes or items that reflect the ‘old you’ or ‘used to be, you’, having a soak in the bath, swimming in the ocean or meditating.

Remember, the INTENT of the ritual is important to articulate as well as the words used. Gratitude for the learnings that have been. Positive, respectful, aloha & pono words are fundamental essentials in creating the desired experiences of the new.


Here are a couple of simple rituals that you may find useful in supporting this next phase of your journey


  1. If you have a literal Bowl of Light that has Stones in it : TIP THEM OUT. Return them to nature or to the ocean. Once the stones & all they represent are released, let them go for good. PAU –done!                                                                                                                                                   Remember now, no throwing them at anyone!!!!


  1. Visualise yourself at the ocean.

Draped over your shoulders is an open ended lei of Limu Kala (seaweed used for release). Allow yourself to speak what you wish in regard to your letting go & releasing, pule (prayer), oli (chant), whatever blessing ritual is pono.

Then visualise yourself walking in to the ocean. As you do, the limu kala is gently lifted from your shoulders by the ocean & gently taken away.

Then allow yourself to float there or do whatever else you are guided to do before you leave the water.                     Remember it is YOUR visualisation, so be creative & bring in all your senses 😃🌅


Enjoy creating a multitude of TASTY, HEALTHFUL, ALOHA & PONO NEW DISHES for 2018!


Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha

Healing Comes From Within by Means of Love







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