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I do so love the way Spirit regularly provide opportunities to check in that my aloha, pono and my hele ka ‘olelo (walk the talk) superhero undies are firmly in place.

Tuesday evening I received a message on Facebook from a friend, asking for assistance to find Puddles, a gorgeous little 6 month old bundle of fluff, a forever home. Part of the message said ..” my mum can’t keep me so I’m looking for a loving person and my forever home.” Enter my 3 minutes of judgement and pilikia. I am passionate about animal welfare and rights, and I’ll admit whenever I see a line such as “my mum can’t keep me”, that other Gemini emerges – the Xena warrior one, that is. You know, the bulging eyes and flared nostrils.

Once my 3 minutes of pilikia at the human subsided, I re-focused on the little Being who needed plenty of aloha, I straightened the above –mentioned undies and stepped back into my pono-ness. This event had appeared in my awareness for a reason and I knew it was my kuleana (responsibility) to take action. To take action regardless of how tired I was and how many other things I ‘needed’ to attend to

I forwarded the information to 3 friends in particular who would be sympathetic and may know someone. Seems they all went into the same 3 minutes I did, however also agreed to help.

The next morning I messaged the friend (who was not Puddles Mum) who had sought my help, and asked for the ‘back story’. It was important that people knew what the full story was. Geez, I wanted to know anyway.   I won’t share the story here, however suffice to say it wasn’t what my initial pilikia outburst had imagined. That was the important information that was then shared with the others. It shifted the energy.

By 10am I received a call from another friend saying they had a friend that wanted Puddles. By 10.30 it was a done deal. Puddles had a new forever Mum to go to.

The very next day Puddles had a lovely road-trip with friends from the country to Brighton where her new adoring Mum was waiting excitedly.


Another part of the story is that Kay, Puddles new Mum, had been looking to adopt for some time, however had received no replies from the various shelters she had contacted. She had been just emailing them that morning expressing her disappointment at the lack of response. Spirit already had in motion that Puddles was to go to her, it just took the pono energies to align and for all of us to follow those breadcrumbs.


Are you seeing all the links here? All those cords connecting.


I had a moment of hesitation sending the information to my network initially, due to my judgement, assumptions and pilikia. I am very grateful for the reminder and evidence of ‘listening’, getting my own ‘being busy’ and my ego out of the way, re-aligning into pono, following the breadcrumbs, taking the action, allowing the energy to ripple out into the universe and watch the Aloha magic unfold. The most important thing in that moment was to focus my aloha and intent on the precious little furry bum, do the action in the 3D realm, play my part and hand it up to Spirit. I ka pono mea – all is in perfection/excellence/rightness.
Puddles & Kay 2

Mahalo to everyone in the 3D realm, the unseen realms, Facebook and email that assisted in this Magical event unfolding so quickly and smoothly. :)

When I received this photo of Puddles and Kay, I did get teary. What a gorgeous pair of Aloha Beings who are so meant to be together. What great manifestors these 2 are !







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