Ho’ike : Sharing of Knowledge

Whether you are an haumana (student) of Hawaiian practices or simply have an interest in deepening your understanding of these practices, an ’Ike Sharing session provides you the opportunity to ask questions to further enhance your layers of understanding.


Travel Guidance

T & K bus

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii and seeking tips or guidance, whether it be simply navigating Honolulu airport, rental car suggestions, interisland trips, recommendations for a ‘not your usual tourist’ stay, to the subtleties of ‘local kine’ matters, we can assist with much insight.



Tracey, along with Kaleo North bring a breadth of knowledge, wisdom and insight.

From Kaleo: “Wow Kumu – really enjoyed the Skype ‘ike sharing session with Nes ! It was so great to connect with her energy & meet such a shiny being with so much aloha & enthusiasm for Hawaiian culture. I could really connect with her heartfelt desire to learn more & her concern to do this in a pono way.

Through the exchange over Skype I feel we really got to get to know what Nes wants her journey to include and to offer insights & suggestions that can guide how that unfolds for her, rather than more general “advice” as may be given perhaps in an email exchange.

So much value in connecting “face to face” & it was a blessing to meet her. I look forward to hearing how her journey unfolds”