February 12, 2017
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IMG_0828It’s not often that I sit back from my computer and say a humbling, heartfelt ‘WOW’, and I’m feeling very grateful that today was one of them.

The last week had been one that had resulted in me taking many a deep HA breath and exclaiming “Geez, there sure is something going on in the Cosmos!” and “when’s the @#%^ full moon?” (Friday as it turned out!)

It had been a week of people whose actions, words, behaviours, communications, non-communication, requests and questions had spandexed my aloha.

Being accountable for creating what is showing up in my reality, I mahalo’d (thanked) the opportunities Spirit were providing for me to set clear boundaries and speak my truth, in aloha and pono in my mana ‘iho.

Regardless of who we are, what we know, how we live and walking our talk, we all have times when our energies are a little frayed around the edges. The superhero undies are in place, however the elastic has stretched somewhat, the Eveready Bunny’s battery is a little low. Time for a new pair of fully elasticised undies and a new battery!

If I had to label the feelings I would call them disappointment and some sadness. I acknowledged them and that my pu’uwai ( heart) had retreated momentarily to the ‘safety’ of a perspex shield, accompanied by a large glass of wine last night ( for medicinal purposes of course!)

Gotta love those tricky Ancestors, Spirit, Angels. This morning I received this profoundly Aloha email from
a student who I first  met some 10+ years ago in a social setting. Wow, what a reminder of why I do what I do, am who I am, live how I live and follow the path of Aloha. Here is an excerpt….

…….I will change my current site description. From my context you are always with me. There are times I am working with someone and I channel “Tracey.” While I am not actively in contact, you have always been and always will be a mentor for me.

What would Tracey do? What would Love do? are the same conversation and a context that has guided me over the years. The conversation of Love is in many ways idealistic. When I relate it to ‘Tracey’ is when I have Love in action and a path. It is how I describe your light to others. I also have mentors who have long since passed yet the spirit of what they shared can not be extinguished.

 When we met, you had compassion for me even though you knew I was dark and lost. You were the only person who could see there was more and you backed it with your contribution even if it wasn’t deliberate. We can not undo the past and I can not ignore my affinity, love and appreciation for what you did for me. Because of you, all the lives I touch benefit.      SG

Mahalo nui SG for your most profound and precious articulation, which has helped remove the perspex shield, repaired the frayed edges, put the bounce back in the Bunny and the rainbow sparkle in the Undies 🙂 ♥


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January 1, 2017
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As I have journeyed through life, a concept that has always been important to me is that of being of service, of giving back and/or paying it forward. Honouring,respecting and valuing : all life, all who have taken the time to teach and share their wisdom, all who have shown aloha.                                                                                                                                      A prevalent Western mindset however is “what can I get from this”, “what am I going to learn”, “how can I utilise this information or teachings to make money”.  


As I was transferring items this morning from my 2016 to my 2017 diary, I came across a piece of paper where I had written “we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”.                                                                        The next piece of paper was a list of Hawaiian  sayings. The first one my eyes landed on was “O ka pono ke hana ‘ia a iho mai na lani” :Do good until the heavens come down to you/ Blessings come to those who persist in doing good. 

I always smile at the way Spirit make the acknowledgements and the message so obvious sometimes. 🙂

My Invitation to everyone for 2017 is do things, give your time and energy, not because of the money or what you might gain from doing it. Instead do it from the heart,  of being of service, being aloha and pono, honouring and respecting others who have journeyed longer than us, the planet earth and all who share this planet with us.

E aloha, e mana, e pono : Let there be Love, Power and good Fortune

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December 4, 2016
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When Barbara asked to interview us, I will confess to being a little nervous! Whilst I trust in & certainly pule’d to ensure the ancestors would be guiding the interview & what came out of my mouth, I’m still human 😉 Also, always being mindful & aware that I am being ka leo (the voice) for all who stand behind me, it’s important to ensure my words are aloha & pono.

We did ok  🙂 Mahalo & blessings to all involved & the editorial expertise  🙂

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November 1, 2016
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In this modern technological age, we have the blessing of the smartphone, internet. email, tablet and a multitude of devices to keep us connected and informed. Or do they?


Whilst Google is a wonderful resource for information, it is also a haven for much mis-information. I certainly do bless some of that information for the eye-rolling exercises and deep HA breaths with which they provide me. Remember Nana I Ke Kumu – Look To the Source.


This technological age has also resulted in the prevalence of the quick answer, impersonal, lack of connection texting and FB messaging. These are very useful ‘connecting’ tools for many reasons. However they have also paved the way for much misunderstanding, mis-interpretation. misperception and ‘disconnection’ from human interaction and engagement.

I often receive texts, FB messages and emails from haumana and others requesting guidance or asking a question. I always reply in a pono way in relation to the capacity with which the question was asked. I can hear the ‘huh, what?’ resounding in some of your mana’o. As I recently wrote to a haumana after a recent such exchange :


“An aloha protocol suggestion for questions such as this in the future, a phone call will elicit deeper information and layers.”


Ae, pick up the phone!!!!!!!

Value and respect the knowledge, wisdom, depth of experience, time, energy and the journey travelled of a Kupuna, Kumu, Teacher. There is sooooo much they know, however remember, you gotta ask the right questions and actually listen to what is being said, how it is being said and what is not being said. Listen to their voice. Connect with their HA, their MANA.

Pick up the phone and press the call button for a change. You may find a whole new world of possibilities and breadcrumbs open up for you.

Malama Pono

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August 29, 2016
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As I head toward the final Advanced LomiLomi Training in Australia, I have been reflecting on  the prevalence of people purporting to ‘do’ lomilomi, to ‘incorporate some lomilomi strokes and techniques’.

On a visit to the gym recently I saw a flyer for the new massage practitioner there. On reading the flyer, that phrase was the cause of a deep HA sigh and eye- rolling exercise. I did do my mahalo’s for the opportunity of the eye exercises and deep breath as I headed into Pilates class. 🙂


This excerpt written some years ago by Kumu Dane Silva sums up and helps clarify this matter of mis-use of the term lomilomi.


“ What is lomi? … Although the Hawaiian dictionaries define lomilomi as massage, it would be useful if we consider that the term was used by ancient Hawaiians. In other words, other forms of massage were unknown. Lomilomi does not refer to massage in general; it refers to traditional Hawaiian forms of massage and healing methods.

Today, we see people using the word lomi or lomilomi to describe what is not traditional Hawaiian massage. They naively think that the word can be used to describe their form of massage because that is what the dictionary says it means. This is not appropriate because it confuses the public into thinking that this non-Hawaiian form of body therapy is based on traditional protocols, concepts and techniques. It is also offensive to Native practitioners.

In marketing and advertising terms, the use of the word lomilomi can be powerful. The use of the word kahuna is powerful. When a practitioner uses the word lomilomi they should not be referring to a non-Hawaiian form of therapy. When a practitioner uses the word kahuna they should not be referring to a person who is not a member of the Native hierarchy of masters. “


Lomilomi in many ways has little to do with ‘technique’. It does however have everything to do with upholding and honouring traditional Hawaiian values and practices, with protocol, with connection to the ancestors, connection to Spirit, with sacredness, with being pono and living aloha.

As with Ho’oponopono, Lomilomi has too been a huge target of Westernised mis-appropriation and mis-use.

Malama Pono

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June 3, 2016
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I do so love the way Spirit regularly provide opportunities to check in that my aloha, pono and my hele ka ‘olelo (walk the talk) superhero undies are firmly in place.

Tuesday evening I received a message on Facebook from a friend, asking for assistance to find Puddles, a gorgeous little 6 month old bundle of fluff, a forever home. Part of the message said ..” my mum can’t keep me so I’m looking for a loving person and my forever home.” Enter my 3 minutes of judgement and pilikia. I am passionate about animal welfare and rights, and I’ll admit whenever I see a line such as “my mum can’t keep me”, that other Gemini emerges – the Xena warrior one, that is. You know, the bulging eyes and flared nostrils.

Once my 3 minutes of pilikia at the human subsided, I re-focused on the little Being who needed plenty of aloha, I straightened the above –mentioned undies and stepped back into my pono-ness. This event had appeared in my awareness for a reason and I knew it was my kuleana (responsibility) to take action. To take action regardless of how tired I was and how many other things I ‘needed’ to attend to

I forwarded the information to 3 friends in particular who would be sympathetic and may know someone. Seems they all went into the same 3 minutes I did, however also agreed to help.

The next morning I messaged the friend (who was not Puddles Mum) who had sought my help, and asked for the ‘back story’. It was important that people knew what the full story was. Geez, I wanted to know anyway.   I won’t share the story here, however suffice to say it wasn’t what my initial pilikia outburst had imagined. That was the important information that was then shared with the others. It shifted the energy.

By 10am I received a call from another friend saying they had a friend that wanted Puddles. By 10.30 it was a done deal. Puddles had a new forever Mum to go to.

The very next day Puddles had a lovely road-trip with friends from the country to Brighton where her new adoring Mum was waiting excitedly.


Another part of the story is that Kay, Puddles new Mum, had been looking to adopt for some time, however had received no replies from the various shelters she had contacted. She had been just emailing them that morning expressing her disappointment at the lack of response. Spirit already had in motion that Puddles was to go to her, it just took the pono energies to align and for all of us to follow those breadcrumbs.


Are you seeing all the links here? All those cords connecting.


I had a moment of hesitation sending the information to my network initially, due to my judgement, assumptions and pilikia. I am very grateful for the reminder and evidence of ‘listening’, getting my own ‘being busy’ and my ego out of the way, re-aligning into pono, following the breadcrumbs, taking the action, allowing the energy to ripple out into the universe and watch the Aloha magic unfold. The most important thing in that moment was to focus my aloha and intent on the precious little furry bum, do the action in the 3D realm, play my part and hand it up to Spirit. I ka pono mea – all is in perfection/excellence/rightness.
Puddles & Kay 2

Mahalo to everyone in the 3D realm, the unseen realms, Facebook and email that assisted in this Magical event unfolding so quickly and smoothly. 🙂

When I received this photo of Puddles and Kay, I did get teary. What a gorgeous pair of Aloha Beings who are so meant to be together. What great manifestors these 2 are !







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June 3, 2016
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IMG_2010Those who have known me a long time also know that when I receive a clear message to leap or embrace an opportunity, to correct my course or change it completely, I take a few deep HA breaths, look up at the sky & say seriously?! Then I leap on in & paddle… fast! Visualise here eye’s bulging & head pulsating. This often involves stepping into things that are ‘challenging’. So, when I received the message regarding this video project, after my initial “you gotta be kidding me!!” as I gazed towards the heavens with a serious case of ‘stinkeye’ look on my face, I leapt .

I did some research, set up the Go Fund Me campaign. I spoke to Kumu & some Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners & the response was “let me know what I can do to help”.  Honestly, part of me had been hoping they would all say, ‘no way’. Then I would have happily dropped the project like the proverbial hot lava rock. Instead, I had to surrender to this terrain of my next adventure. I have done my due diligence of learning, which is never-ending. Video is NOT my field of expertise, it’s completely new to me. I am an excellent practitioner and teacher and I love learning. Videoing however, had never been on my radar. I’ll confess to having a nanosecond of “I’m too old for this!” 😉

For this Fundraising to succeed support is vital. This project is not about me, I just happen to be the one who was handed the keys to drive it.and said yes. It’s about preserving teachings & practices that are important for everyone & the planet. It’s about building an audience of investors- people who believe in the mission of the project and want to see it come to life, so much they are willing to put their own money into it, be that $5, $50 or $500.  Deepest mahalo ( thankyou) to everyone who has donated already – You’re AWESOME!


I have been able to purchase the initial equipment. There is however still much to purchase. My intent is also to financially extend gratitude to those Kanaka Maoli and cultural practioners who share their wisdom.

I’m excited & at the same time, to be completely honest, nervous & feeling a little under pressure to deliver on a monumental  project. Truthfully, this project is daunting. However, what do I do in a situation like this…? Tie my slippah’s tight & leap on in, of course. I’ll simply keep trusting the ancestors, knowing as always, they have the plan all worked out.

For the moment, I hope you can see the theme, learnings and lessons in this story for you… 

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May 2, 2016
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There is an article under “Publications & ‘Ike’ on this website titled Hawaiian Lomilomi & Seeking a Practitioner. I originally wrote an extended version of this for the AHHCA Newsletter to assist in the understanding of what Lomilomi is & the questions to ask when seeking an authentic practitioner.

As I was laying on the massage table myself last week, receiving a lomilomi, it occurred to me that 99% of my clients are NOT Health or Wellness practitioners of any modality. Hmmmm, I surmised this means one of two things. Either they seek other forms of bodywork for their own maintenance & replenishment, OR they are not receiving any regular bodywork at all. As I thought about this, I realised that the latter is primarily the case.

My mind then drifted to many health & wellness practitioners I have met on my many years of life, both in mainstream medicine & in natural/alternative/spiritual health practices, who are less than glowing pictures of health. Ola (health) is multi-layered & must involve healthful practices physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Those who have studied with me know I speak of the importance of walking the talk. Being a shining example of practicing what you promote. What are you fuelling your kino (body) with ? Are you moving your kino regularly? If you walked into the room as a client and saw you as the practitioner, would you be instilled with confidence?

Over my many years in this field, both as a client & as a practitioner, I have heard & seen soooo many excuses. One of my favourites is from morbidly obese spiritual workers saying they needed to be that size to ‘hold energy’. Come on, Seriously Dude!! I’m a size 10 (US 6), always have been (as an adult ) & hold the energy just fine thankyou! In fact, because I eat nutritiously, exercise, have regular bodywork & have spiritual practices, I have a ‘vehicle’ that functions really well. Perhaps it’s because I’m turning 56 in a couple of weeks that my capacity for listening to those M.E’s (many excuses) has spandexed to its limit. Over these years I have studied a great deal in the health & wellness area. I also live what I speak. So when I offer some guidance around health, fitness & wellness, it’s because I do/have done those practices myself. As a practitioner, if a client asks you about your own health & wellness regime, how will you answer them? A client does have the right to ask about that. They have the right to know that the person placing their hands on them is a representation of clear & healthy energy.

Perhaps it may be beneficial to take a realistic look ( ie.cut the M.E’s!) at personal health maintenance & wellbeing practices, along with spiritual & energetic clearing regimes, to ensure being the healthiest, shiniest aloha & pono version of you that you can be.

In the meantime, I’ll continue do what I do & to smile at, & be inspired by the awesomeness of all the 70+ year old pocket rockets at the gym.  images

Mālama Pono

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January 25, 2016
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Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding Lomilomi, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual sharing, learning opportunities and more. Keep paddling strong and sure with your focus on your desired experience. Kulia I Ka Nu’u ~ Strive for the Highest Peak, Strive for the Summit.

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January 25, 2016
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For the last 20+ years I have been committed to be being a voice of Aloha & Pono for Hawaiian Spirituality, Culture & Healing practices, particularly in Australia.
I have been given a huge shove over the last few months to step onward from teaching Lomilomi in Australia & instead step into a new realm of teaching/sharing via video. Visualise here me looking up at the sky going -Huh, what, are you kidding me??!!!
Yes, there was/has been much eye-rolling & many deep HA breaths, when I kept getting those neon signs. Talk about having to move past much resistance ☺
Apart from the fact that I have no experience in that area & apart from the depth of my intent of honouring, I was clueless. Pretty well still am, however am learning…slowly ! (Hilina’i – Trust!)
I have done my research & priced the equipment : video camera, tripod, SD cards, backup external hard-drives & USB’s for storage, computer, editing softwear. There will also be aloha payments to those who are interviewed ( their knowledge, wisdom & sharing is in reality priceless).
I am humbled that already there are some special beings willing to share & I have a ‘wishlist’ that just keeps on growing.

The Aloha Rainbows Video Project involves interviewing Native Hawaiian Kumu (teachers), Kupuna (elders), Cultural Practitioners & others who are perpetuating their culture. This will then be shared via Online/Remote Learning Courses, Webinars ,Vlogs & Podcasts for the convenience of further learning for those in Australia & outside of Hawaii.

Over the past 5 years I have been involved in raising over $10, 000 in Fundraising for various Hawaiian projects along with the Keiki Sponsorship Program on Molokai.
Now for a change, I’M asking for support …GULP… that’s a big one for me!
If you do choose to pick up a paddle & donate, whether it be 50c, $5, $50 or more, not only will you receive huge aloha blossoms of gratitude from me, you will also be included in the ‘Aloha Rainbows Pono Paddlers Support Crew’ Facebook Closed Group. Here you will be able to view video’s of the journey, out takes, additional footage & other sharings.
The canoe will launch in July when I head to Big Island for 3 weeks.
Slippah’s tied tight, paddle ready & plenty of trust! ☺

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