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June 3, 2016
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IMG_2010Those who have known me a long time also know that when I receive a clear message to leap or embrace an opportunity, to correct my course or change it completely, I take a few deep HA breaths, look up at the sky & say seriously?! Then I leap on in & paddle… fast! Visualise here eye’s bulging & head pulsating. This often involves stepping into things that are ‘challenging’. So, when I received the message regarding this video project, after my initial “you gotta be kidding me!!” as I gazed towards the heavens with a serious case of ‘stinkeye’ look on my face, I leapt .

I did some research, set up the Go Fund Me campaign. I spoke to Kumu & some Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners & the response was “let me know what I can do to help”.  Honestly, part of me had been hoping they would all say, ‘no way’. Then I would have happily dropped the project like the proverbial hot lava rock. Instead, I had to surrender to this terrain of my next adventure. I have done my due diligence of learning, which is never-ending. Video is NOT my field of expertise, it’s completely new to me. I am an excellent practitioner and teacher and I love learning. Videoing however, had never been on my radar. I’ll confess to having a nanosecond of “I’m too old for this!” 😉

For this Fundraising to succeed support is vital. This project is not about me, I just happen to be the one who was handed the keys to drive it.and said yes. It’s about preserving teachings & practices that are important for everyone & the planet. It’s about building an audience of investors- people who believe in the mission of the project and want to see it come to life, so much they are willing to put their own money into it, be that $5, $50 or $500.  Deepest mahalo ( thankyou) to everyone who has donated already – You’re AWESOME!


I have been able to purchase the initial equipment. There is however still much to purchase. My intent is also to financially extend gratitude to those Kanaka Maoli and cultural practioners who share their wisdom.

I’m excited & at the same time, to be completely honest, nervous & feeling a little under pressure to deliver on a monumental  project. Truthfully, this project is daunting. However, what do I do in a situation like this…? Tie my slippah’s tight & leap on in, of course. I’ll simply keep trusting the ancestors, knowing as always, they have the plan all worked out.

For the moment, I hope you can see the theme, learnings and lessons in this story for you… 

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May 2, 2016
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There is an article under “Publications & ‘Ike’ on this website titled Hawaiian Lomilomi & Seeking a Practitioner. I originally wrote an extended version of this for the AHHCA Newsletter to assist in the understanding of what Lomilomi is & the questions to ask when seeking an authentic practitioner.

As I was laying on the massage table myself last week, receiving a lomilomi, it occurred to me that 99% of my clients are NOT Health or Wellness practitioners of any modality. Hmmmm, I surmised this means one of two things. Either they seek other forms of bodywork for their own maintenance & replenishment, OR they are not receiving any regular bodywork at all. As I thought about this, I realised that the latter is primarily the case.

My mind then drifted to many health & wellness practitioners I have met on my many years of life, both in mainstream medicine & in natural/alternative/spiritual health practices, who are less than glowing pictures of health. Ola (health) is multi-layered & must involve healthful practices physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Those who have studied with me know I speak of the importance of walking the talk. Being a shining example of practicing what you promote. What are you fuelling your kino (body) with ? Are you moving your kino regularly? If you walked into the room as a client and saw you as the practitioner, would you be instilled with confidence?

Over my many years in this field, both as a client & as a practitioner, I have heard & seen soooo many excuses. One of my favourites is from morbidly obese spiritual workers saying they needed to be that size to ‘hold energy’. Come on, Seriously Dude!! I’m a size 10 (US 6), always have been (as an adult ) & hold the energy just fine thankyou! In fact, because I eat nutritiously, exercise, have regular bodywork & have spiritual practices, I have a ‘vehicle’ that functions really well. Perhaps it’s because I’m turning 56 in a couple of weeks that my capacity for listening to those M.E’s (many excuses) has spandexed to its limit. Over these years I have studied a great deal in the health & wellness area. I also live what I speak. So when I offer some guidance around health, fitness & wellness, it’s because I do/have done those practices myself. As a practitioner, if a client asks you about your own health & wellness regime, how will you answer them? A client does have the right to ask about that. They have the right to know that the person placing their hands on them is a representation of clear & healthy energy.

Perhaps it may be beneficial to take a realistic look ( ie.cut the M.E’s!) at personal health maintenance & wellbeing practices, along with spiritual & energetic clearing regimes, to ensure being the healthiest, shiniest aloha & pono version of you that you can be.

In the meantime, I’ll continue do what I do & to smile at, & be inspired by the awesomeness of all the 70+ year old pocket rockets at the gym.  images

Mālama Pono

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Aloha Rainbows & ipu 1


January 25, 2016
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Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding Lomilomi, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual sharing, learning opportunities and more. Keep paddling strong and sure with your focus on your desired experience. Kulia I Ka Nu’u ~ Strive for the Highest Peak, Strive for the Summit.

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Go Fund Me 2


January 25, 2016
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For the last 20+ years I have been committed to be being a voice of Aloha & Pono for Hawaiian Spirituality, Culture & Healing practices, particularly in Australia.
I have been given a huge shove over the last few months to step onward from teaching Lomilomi in Australia & instead step into a new realm of teaching/sharing via video. Visualise here me looking up at the sky going -Huh, what, are you kidding me??!!!
Yes, there was/has been much eye-rolling & many deep HA breaths, when I kept getting those neon signs. Talk about having to move past much resistance ☺
Apart from the fact that I have no experience in that area & apart from the depth of my intent of honouring, I was clueless. Pretty well still am, however am learning…slowly ! (Hilina’i – Trust!)
I have done my research & priced the equipment : video camera, tripod, SD cards, backup external hard-drives & USB’s for storage, computer, editing softwear. There will also be aloha payments to those who are interviewed ( their knowledge, wisdom & sharing is in reality priceless).
I am humbled that already there are some special beings willing to share & I have a ‘wishlist’ that just keeps on growing.

The Aloha Rainbows Video Project involves interviewing Native Hawaiian Kumu (teachers), Kupuna (elders), Cultural Practitioners & others who are perpetuating their culture. This will then be shared via Online/Remote Learning Courses, Webinars ,Vlogs & Podcasts for the convenience of further learning for those in Australia & outside of Hawaii.

Over the past 5 years I have been involved in raising over $10, 000 in Fundraising for various Hawaiian projects along with the Keiki Sponsorship Program on Molokai.
Now for a change, I’M asking for support …GULP… that’s a big one for me!
If you do choose to pick up a paddle & donate, whether it be 50c, $5, $50 or more, not only will you receive huge aloha blossoms of gratitude from me, you will also be included in the ‘Aloha Rainbows Pono Paddlers Support Crew’ Facebook Closed Group. Here you will be able to view video’s of the journey, out takes, additional footage & other sharings.
The canoe will launch in July when I head to Big Island for 3 weeks.
Slippah’s tied tight, paddle ready & plenty of trust! ☺

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January 25, 2016
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Aloha Everyone & welcome to the hānau (birth) of!


When I began the process over 2 years ago of overhauling my then website, little did I know the journey that was really ahead of me. Whilst I knew things were taking the amount of time they were for reasons that would be revealed, little did I know how much change and how much paddling would be involved. It’s been a 2 year journey of I ka pono mea – everything is in perfection/excellence; right place, right time,  right being, hilina’i- trust and ahonui- patience, persistsence, perserverance.

One of the loudest messages was that Tranceformations, my previous business name and website of 20 years was needing to transform. When I received that message loudly one day whilst midst doing a lomilomi, I confess to looking upward and saying “What! Are you kidding me??!! Do you have any idea how much work that entails!!???” At which point my honu picture fell of the wall. Seriously, it did. Had never done it before and has never done it since. I know a ho’ailona when I see one! “That would be a yes” I thought. So with many deep HA breaths, the new business name was registered, new bank account set up, new websites address registered etc

After over 20 years as Tranceformations, it’s time to step into ALOHA RAINBOWS  

When those Kūpuna want you to paddle that wa’a in deep waters, you just gotta ride those waves & paddle fast 😉 The past 2 years has involved much paddling, including paddling in some expanded directions. I’m looking forward to where the next part of this journey leads. Imua!



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