June 9, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau 

Care ~ Nurture ~ Connect

17 May
Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Pili ‘ole which means: Connected and is pronounced: Peelee ohlay. Now is the best time to stay connected to spirit. How to do that? Pule – pray, give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, share the love and help with others, do good, focus on the positive, meditate, take care of yourself and recognize all the miracles that come into your life. There’s so much more you can do to stay connected, look for them and do them. I will stay connected to you. Aloha, a hui hou…..

March 28 ·

Aloha Kakou, the Hawaiian phrase for today is: E ho’omau i ka hana maika’i which means Keep up the good work and is pronounced: Ay ho ohmao e kah hahnah myka e. Malama Pono Kakou. A hui hou….

Apr 5

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Pehea ‘oe? which means How are you? and is pronounced: Payhayah ohay? Now is a good time to check in with yourself – are you in Pono or Pilikia? Pono is righteous, just, goodness, uprightnes, excellence, well being, prosperity etc. Pilikia is trauma and drama, the opposite of pono, trouble of any kind etc. Only one of these states of being can occupy your space at a time. Since we all have the freedom of choice – choose the one that makes you happy. It’s a duh moment yeah? Aloha, a hui hou….

Apr 1·

Today’s Hawaiian phrase is: E ho’omau ma ka hoe kakou which means: Let’s keep on paddling and is pronounced: Ay ho ohmow (as in now) mah kah hoay kako. Mahealani sent out a great message today and it so hits home. This time is a great opportunity for all of us to come together, stay positive and keep moving forward together – Keep on paddling. Aloha, a hui hou…..                                                                                                                                             fridge!

March 13 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian words are: Malama Pono which means Take Care and is pronounced: Mahlahmah

Pohnoh. Malama pono kakou. Take care everyone. Aloha, a hui hou….

March 1 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is a short conversation. Aloha, pehea ‘oe? – Hello, how are you? Maika’i mahalo, a o ‘oe? Fine, thank you, and you? Other responses: Maluhiluhi au – I’m tired, Ano maluhiluhi au – I’m kind of tired, Hau’oli au, I’m happy. Ma’ona au – I’m full (from eating). Kaumaha ‘a – I’m sad. Maka hiamoe au – I’m sleepy. Makaukau wau i hele – I’m ready to go. Aloha, a hui hou…..

February 18 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Pu which means together, completely and is pronounced poo. He pu kakou – We are together. Aloha, a hui hou……..

Feb 15

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Hiki which means Able and is pronounced Hekey. Hiki ‘oe kokua ia’u? Are you able to help me? Mana’olana au. I hope so. Aloha, a hui hou……..                                                                   IMG_1718

Download pdf :Neaulani’s No’eau #9 – Pehea ‘Oe


©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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June 3, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau  

Imagine ~ Manifest

30 May

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Kuhi which means: Imagine and is pronounced: coohe. John Lennon wrote a song called Imagine and it is a very pono song. Next time you get a chance, really listen to the words…and the world will live as one. Can you imagine that, can you see it? Now, imagine what your world will be like when we come out of this covid 19, Can you see yourself living in a better world? Nature will have had time to heal, we will have had time to bond with our kids, grandparents and parents and pets and with all the cleaning going on, the world will be a cleaner place. Imagine all the good things that will come out. Adversity shakes things up and the world always comes out better for it. Just imagine. Aloha, a hui hou….


Aloha Kakou, Today’s Hawaiian word is: Ho’owaiwai which means: Prosper and is pronounced: Ho ohvyvy. Did you know that one of the reasons we’re here is to prosper? It’s ok to want to have money. In fact, there’s so much more we can do to better our lives and the lives of our loved ones by having money. It’s putting the having of money ahead of family and friends that gets us into trouble. So go for your dreams, prosper as much as you want and know that there’s more than enough for everyone. That is the Law of Attraction. Aloha, a hui hou,,,,,,


Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Ho’ike which means Manifest and is pronounced: Ho ekay. Did you know that we are manifesting all the time? We wake up, go through our day, complete our evening and go to sleep. How many of us realize we manifested our day? Whether we are aware of it or not, everything we experienced this day we manifested. Many of us don’t realize that happened because we manifested our entire day unconsciously. We dream walked through our day, letting outside influences move us around. Just imagine what our day will be like when we consciously move through our day. We are truly master manifesters, we just don’t take the time to see it happening. That’s the difference between Manifesting and just living. Aloha, a hui hou………


Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is Mua which means Future and is pronounced Mooah. We may not know what our future holds for us, but we do know, if we look deep inside ourselves, what we would like our future to be. So, how do we get from here to there? See yourself living in your future and work backwards. What do I need to do now in order to get there and then focus on the ideas that will come to you and Take Action. Keep an abundance of trust and belief in your self to help getting there easier. The Hawaiians have a saying “Imua” which means forward or straight ahead but if you separate that word ” I mua” it becomes ‘to the future”. Aloha, a hui hou……..


30 Dec 2019

Today’s Hawaiian word is: Ho’owaiwai which means Prosper and is pronounced: Ho ohvyvy. May you Ho’owaiwai in 2020. Aloha, a hui hou……                                                                                                                                IMG_3198

Download pdf : Neaulani’s No’eau #8 – Kuhi



©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck

Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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May 29, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau

Choice, Attitude & Positivity

25 May

Aloha Kakou, I actually have 2 Hawaiian words today. One is Kūlana which means: Attitude. It’s pronounced: Koolahnah. The other word is Koho which means: Choice. It’s pronounced: kohhoh. Attitude and Choice go hand in hand. Attitude is the way we look at our life experiences and Choice is the way we handle those experiences. When life throws a curve ball, our attitude about it tells us whether it’s a good or bad thing. Once we determine that, we then have a choice of how to handle it. Do something about it, do nothing about it, ask for help. Having a positive attitude makes our choices easier to make – it keeps us seeing the upside of life. Go negative in attitude usually results in the choice of doing nothing and hope it will go away or even worse, giving up. Keep your attitude positive and you will keep making the best choices for you. Aloha, a hui hou……



Today’s Hawaiian word is: ‘Ōlelo which means: Word and is pronounced: Ohlaylow. This word has many meanings but for today it’s meaning is Word. Words are powerful. Once it’s spoken, you can’t take it back. Be mindful of the words you use. Words are your thoughts put into action. Positive words = positive results, negative words = negative results. The most powerful words are the ones you say to yourself. If you tell yourself you can’t do something – you’re right because that is what you think about yourself. Flip that over, change it just a little bit and see what a difference you’ve made. Instead of can’t say can – like a mantra – until you actually can and then do. It’s like a self-hypnosis. Tell yourself something long enough and you train your mind to believe it. Words can change your thoughts. Do that and you are in control, not the chatter in your mind. You will have made that chatter positive. Aloha, a hui hou….

21 May

Today’s Hawaiian word is: Mino’aka which means: Smile and is pronounced: Menoh ahakah. Did you know that when you’re doing something strenuous like insanity exercises, a smile helps to take some of the stress out of it? Try it for yourself. And, when you’re feeling down, a smile really helps to lift your spirit. Ever notice when you smile at someone, especially a stranger, they reward you with a smile back? Of course, there’s all kinds of smiles and the best kind is the one from your heart. Lift your spirit and the spirits of others and SMILE. E mino’aka kakou. Let’s all smile. Aloha, a hui hou….

13 May

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: ‘Ike loa which means: Positive and is pronounced: Ekay loah. It’s always a great idea to be positive, but now it’s even more so. Times of struggle and challenges are part of life. How we handle these times determines how our life unfolds. Being positive during these times helps us keep our focus and it helps us get back on track faster. Aloha, a hui hou……

16 Apr

Today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Mai ho’okae ‘ia ma ka maika’i ‘ole – E ho’okae ‘ia ma ka ‘ike loa which means: Don’t focus on the negative, focus on the positive. It’s pronounced: My ho ohky eah mah kah myky e ohlay – Ay ho ohky eah mah kah ekay loah. There’s so much negative energy going on that we don’t need to make a part of our life. Let’s look at all the positive energy in our lives and move forward with all of it. For those of us having to stay home, now we can take care of those “honey do’s”, or learn a new song online, write a book, face time with our loved ones. take that online class we’d been wanting to do but never had time etc….. Hello, now time is all we have for many of us, let’s use it wisely. Aloha, a hui hou…..

15 Apr

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: ‘Ike ka ao which means: See the light and is pronounced: Ekay kah ao. There’s always a light at the end of every dark place. To help keep your focus on the positive ,remember that simple truth. It helps guide us to the blessings that come when we are back in the light. Aloha, a hui hou…….


Download PDF : Neaulani’s No’eau #7 -Choice, Attitude & Positivity                      Hawaii 2010 121

©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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May 22, 2020
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IMG_0211E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau

Compassion ~ Gratitude ~ Respect
Today’s Hawaiian word is: Aloha and is pronounced: Ahlowhah. The most common meaning for Aloha is Love, Hello and Goodbye. But it also has other meanings as well. Today’s meaning is: Compassion. Where there’s compassion, there’s love, affection, kindness and mercy. All of which is Aloha in action. Isn’t it wonderful how 1 word can mean so much? Aloha, a hui hou…..

19 May
Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Mahalo and is pronounced: Mahahlow. Most people familiar with the Hawaiian language know that Mahalo means Thanks or Thank you. But in reality it means so much more. Here it means: Respect. Respect for yourself and others is paramount. But respect for nature, animals, our home, our lifestyle, other people’s home and lifestyle, and all the wonderful things in this world helps us to remember to give Thanks for all of it. Isn’t it interesting that the word that means Thanks also means Respect? E Mahalo Kakou – Let’s all give Respect and Thanks and live a happier and fuller life. Aloha, a hui hou….

December 28, 2019 ·
Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Mahalo which means Praise and is pronounced: Mahahlow. As you know, a hawaiian word has several meanings as this one is best known for meaning Thank you, but Praise is another meaning for this word as well as Admiration. E mahalo i ke Akua. Praise God. Thank God. Admire (Adore) God. Aloha, a hui hou……

May 7
Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Mai ko’u pu’uwai iā nou which means: From my heart to yours and is pronounced: My koh ooh poo oo vy eah no. I am so touched by the many appreciative comments I’ve received for the words and thoughts that I’ve been able to share with everyone. My heart is so full of your ongoing love and appreciation that I just had to share it with you. Mahalo nui loa kakou. Aloha, a hui hou…
April 23 ·
Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Pomaika’i which means Blessed and is pronounced: Pohmykah e. E pomaika’i kakou – We are all blessed. We are alive, we are working together to bring an end to this pandemic and we are going to be so much better off when this period of time is completed. Aloha, a hui hou….

March 23 ·
Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: E noʻonoʻo pono i nā mea maikaʻi which means Think good stuff which is the local way of saying Think positive. In addition to keeping physical distances from others, washing your hands a lot, keeping a close eye on your health and all the other things to overcome Covid19, one of the most important things all of us can do is keep a positive attitude – think good stuff. Count your blessings, enjoy and appreciate all the good stuff and great people that are in your life and stay positive. The pronunciation is:Ay no ohno oh pohnoh e nah mayah myky e. Aloha, a hui hou……
March 17
Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is a phrase: Na ke akua e hoʻomaikaʻi iā mākou a pau which means: God bless us all and is pronounced: Nah kay ahcooah ay ho ohmyky e eya makoh a pow. During this time, knowing we are blessed can be a big help. Malama pono kakou. Take care all. Aloha, a hui hou…..

Download pdf: Neaulani’s No’eau #6 – Mahalo

©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck
Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.

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May 18, 2020
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     E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau


Aloha Kakou,

The Kūpuna nudge for today’s sharing came via Neaulani’s post yesterday.

In our Sandy Sunday Session 🎸🎼yesterday, Kaleo & I shared na mele :

The Beauty of Mauna Kea & Hawaii Aloha,  which inspired Neaulani’s latest ‘ike.

We are very blessed to be paddling in the same canoe 😊

The above photo was taken at Mauna Kea during the 2017 Cultural Immersion trip. We were so very blessed to have Lanakila Mangauil as our Kumu & Guide that day. 🗻



Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Ho’omalu which means: Protect and is pronounced: Ho ohmahlew. I just watched the beautiful sharing of music from Namakana and Kaleo, my good friends from Australia and they inspired today’s Hawaiian word. There are many meanings to the word protect and the one I’d like to bring out today is to protect yourself both physically and spiritually. Surround yourself with like minded people, be mindful of others – do no harm and most importantly, protect your mana – your spiritual strength which is the source of your power-your mana iho – your self worth. We have all earned the right to be on this earth so stay strong and guard against energy stealers. Your self esteem and sense of self worth is precious and uniquely yours. It is your Mana. E Ho’omalu Kakou. Aloha, a hui hou……

April 24

Today’s Hawaiian word is: Kahuna Lapa’au which means Healer and is pronounced: Kahoonah Lahpah ow. From chaos comes healing. All of us who are doing everything we can to help overcome this Covid 19 are also giving our Mother Earth time to heal too. Less people on the beaches allows the marine life to return, less trash in the public places allows the land to heal. less cars on the road has lowered the air pollution and so much more. So, let’s keep the healing going. E Kahuna Lapa’au Kakou – Let’s all be Healers. Aloha, a hui hou…

April10 ·

Today’s Hawaiian phrase is: E noho kakou ma ka home which means: Stay home and is pronounced: Ay nohho kahko mah kah hohmay. It makes good sense to stay home, keep our distance and cooperate with the authorities. Working together,we will overcome this pandemic. Mahalo. Aloha, a hui hou……….

Nov 14 2019

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Kuahiwi which means mountain – (Mauna is another word for mountain) and is pronounced: Cooahheve. Nani kela kuahiwi. That mountain is beautiful or as a Hawaiian would say it, Beautiful that mountain. Aloha, a hui hou….

November 13 2019

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Honua which means Earth, place and is pronounced: Honuwah. E malama ka honua makuahine kakou. Let’s take care of mother earth. Aloha, a hui hou………

Download pdf : Neaulani’s No’eau #5 – Ho’omalu


©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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May 14, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau

Family, Friendships, Relationships

February 27 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: ‘Ohana which means Family and is pronounced Ohhahnah. He ‘ohana kakou. We are family. Aloha, a hui hou……


May 10  ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Makuahine which means Mother, Mom and is pronounced: Mahcooahhenay. Na ke akua e ho’opōmaika’I i ka makuahine. God bless Mother-Mom. Aloha makou iā ‘oe -We love you. Aloha, a hui hou……

February 24 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Kaikamahine which means daughter and is pronounced Kykahmahhenay. Keiki kane means son and is pronounced Kaykeekahnay. He kaikamahine a me keiki kane ka’u keia. This is my daughter and son. Aloha, a hui hou….


February 23 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Makuahine which means Mother and is pronounced Mahkooahhenay. Dad is Makuakane, pronounced: Mahkooahkaahnay. Aloha au ko’u Makuahine a me Makuakane. I love my Mom and Dad (Mother and Father). Aloha, a hui hou…….


February 22 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Kupuna wahine or Tutu which means Grandmother and is pronounced: Coopoonah Vahenay or Tootoo. Kupuna Kane Kane or Tutu means Grandfather and is pronounced Coopoonah Kahnay.
Aloha au ko’u Tutu. I love my Grandmother/Grandfather. Aloha, a hui hou…..


Feb 21

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Mo’opuna which means Grandchild and is pronounced Mo ohpunah. He ‘elua mo’opuna ka’u. I have 2 grandchildren. In the Hawaiian mindset, the literal meaning of this sentence is: 2 grandchildren I have. Hmmmm, sounds like something Yoda would say – the Hawaiian mindset is very interesting. Aloha, a hui hou……


March 26 ·

Today’s Hawaiian word is: E mālama i kēlā me kēia which means Take care of each other and is pronounced: Ay mahlahmah e kaylah may kayeah. Taking care of each other as well as ourselves is how we’re going to come through this pandemic. Malama Pono Kakou. Take Care Everyone. Aloha, a hui hou…..

Download pdf : Neaulani’s No’eau #4 – ‘Ohana



©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.









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aha wahine 2012 protocol


May 10, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau

Prayer, Positive Focus & Gratitude

March 12

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Pule which means Pray and is pronounced: Poolay. E Pule Kakou. Let’s pray (for the end of the Corona Virus). Aloha, a hui hou….

March 8·

Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: E hele mai pu which means Come together and is pronounced: A (as in hay) haylay mai poo. E hele mai pu a pule kakou. Let’s come together and pray. Aloha, a hui hou……

March 29·

Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Olakino maika’i kakou which means: Good health to us all and is pronounced: Ohlahkeyno myka e kahkoh. I’m looking forward to the day when everything goes back to normal and praying that day will be here very soon. Mahalo nui loa for supporting my posts. Aloha au ia ‘oukou. I love you all. Aloha, a hui hou…….

April 3

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: E Kia Mau which means Stay Focused and is pronounced: Ay Keyah Mow (as in now). Stay focused on all the blessings in your life, gratitude replaces fear and keeps our minds and attitudes clear. Aloha, a hui hou……


April 8

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Ua mahalo nui au no_______ which means: I am grateful for __________ (you get to fill in the blank). It’s pronounced: Ooah mahhahlow nooee ow _________. Ua mahalo nui au no olakino maika’i. I am grateful for my good health or no ka’u mau mea aloha – for my loved ones or_________. Aloha, a hui hou…….

April 6

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Malama ka mana’o’i’o which means: Keep the faith and is pronounced: Mahlahmah kah mahnah oh e oh. Now is definitely the time to keep the faith. With Covid19, we all have the chance to really pull together, have faith that everything will be ok, give thanks for every blessed day and keep on paddling. If not that, then what? Pono or pilikia? Aloha, a hui hou…..

Dowlnoad pdf Neaulani’s No’eau #3


©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.

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May 6, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to 🌅🌋 Neaulani’s No’eau 🌋🌅

‘Ike #2


April 29

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Hoʻololi ka hiliha’i i ka makaʻu which means:Trust replaces fear and is pronounced: Ho ohlole kah helenah e e kah mahkah oo. If this pandemic brings flutters of fear in your tummy, replace that with trust. We all know that everything passes and trust is the mana that will carry us through it all. Trust in the knowing that there is a very good reason for what’s happening now and we will all be better for having come through it. Aloha, a hui hou……


April 27  ·

Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Au which means Me and I and is pronounced Ow. Another benefit of this period in time is the ability to take care of me – self. After doing all we can to keep ourselves, our family and friends safe, let’s take time to take care of ourselves – me. One of the things we often overlook is how are we – me doing? We don’t usually have time for me. But, for the time

being, now we do. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity, grow me – our spirituality, our wanting to take care of things for ourselves that we’ve been putting off all these years. Now is the time,. Malama pono au – Take care of Me. Aloha, a hui hou……



April 25  ·

Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Ikaika which means Strong and is pronounced: Ekykah. E ikaika kakou. Let’s all stay strong. Now, more than ever is the time to stay strong. We all know that it’s just a matter of time, so hang in there, keep your focus on continuing to do all you can to stay safe and healthy and know this will pass. Besides, what’s the alternative? Give up and sink into despair? Not this pono paddler and I hope not you either. Aloha, a hui hou…

December 26, 2019 ·

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Mana’olana which means Hope and is pronounced: Mahnah ohlahnah. Mana’olana au ia ‘oukou mau pomaika’i o ka ola maika’i. I wish everyone many blessings of a good life. Aloha, a hui hou….

Download PDF Neaulani’s No’eau #2

Kumu Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck

comes from a family of Hula teachers from the Big Island, Hawaii. For her and her sister, Mahealani, their mother was their first hula teacher. Over the years, they have continued to dance, and Neaulani opened her own hula halau – hula school- in 1974, sharing the hula, music, language and customs. She continues teaching hula, as well as other Polynesian dance forms in the retreat programs with her sister, and students from the global communities. In addition to carrying on their hula tradition, Neaulani participated in numerous hula workshops led by hula masters George Naope, Pat Namaka Bacon, Pua and Nalani Kanaka’ole, Nona Beamer, and Cousin Maile Souza.

The strength, beauty and creativity of the hula served as an important and vibrant expression of cultural and family events, history, and spirituality, and were once solely performed by male dancers. Hula is the vehicle used for the hands to tell a story while keeping the rhythm flowing through the body, and to enfold you, and your audience with its emotions found within the story. The hula is fun, lively, sacred, light-hearted, and even satirical, solemn and ritualistic, and what determines the differences is the purpose for which it is danced.

In ancient times the hula was kapu-forbidden, and sacred, and only taught to those worthy of receiving its’ knowledge and passed on from generation to generation. As a chosen child, you were taken from your family and given to the hula halau to be raised with the hula as your main priority. So sacred was this group of dancers that the halau became your family and secrets were closely guarded and kept within the halau family.

The arrival of the missionaries greatly changed the societal landscape of Hawaii forcing hula, along with other spiritual and healing aspects of the culture underground. Hula was deemed as barbaric, uncivilized and works of the devil. Fortunately, the hula did manage to survive, although a large part of its variety has been lost forever, including most of the animal dances, rarely done today, and forgotten by most.

Today, what is seen and kept alive occurred through the efforts of many courageous and beautiful Kumu hula teachers from pastgenerations such as Neaulani’s mother, and a family of teachers on her father’s side, to the present generation for all to enjoy. As a member of this elite group, it is a great pleasure to be able to share the wonders and beauty of the hula. It is a most joyful and spiritual expression of Hawaii, it’s land and its’ people.

©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck

Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.














©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck


Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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May 5, 2020
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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau


Over the last few months, I haven’t been getting any nudge to share any mana’o.

I’ve asked Nā Kūpuna every so often & the answer was always basically the same.

Simply observe. Be IN the world but not OF it.

Just keep doing what you do – Hele Ka ‘Olelo, walk the talk


Observe those who embrace all the pilikia  (trauma & drama),

& those who stay in aloha & pono (rightness,  moral, balance, fair ethics, integrity.)

Pa`a Ka Waha – shut the mouth & Simply Observe

as some choose to throw out the pono paddle & jump out of the wa’a,

those who stay in & continue to paddle stongly,

& those who choose to jump out & then decide they want to jump back in.

Simply observe the different FEAR. The pilikia version : Forget Everything And Run

or the Aloha & Pono Version : Face Everything And Rise.


Since 2018/ 2019 Kumu Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck has been sharing ‘Hawaiian Phrases’ on Facebook.They have been a wonderful & fun opportunity of enhancing Hawaiian vocabulary & understanding of aspects of Hawaiian cultural & spiritual practices.

Over the last couple of months her sharings have contained many layers of wisdom very pertinent to the current global events.

Last week I received the poke with the pono paddle. So I contacted Kumu Neaulani with the guidance I received in regard to sharing her posts via Blog, email & further FB sharing.

Blessing received with aloha nui & Neaulani’s No’eau was to be launched & off & paddling.


I knew these sharings to be invaluable widoms the world needed, & particularly at this time on the planet.  Supporting Ho’opono pono ke ala – to make right more right the path.

The No’eau nuggets of wisdom will not necessarily be shared in chronological order.

Some may be recent ones relevant to current events, some will be earlier posts of fun & information.

Their intent is to Inform, Empower & be a reminder of stepping into ‘Uhane Nui (Spirit Greatness) & Mana ‘iho ( Self-Empowerment).

Those who have shared the HA with Kumu Mahaealani Kuamo’o- Henry & Kumu Neaulani Kuamo’o -Peck    IMG_0207.JPGknow the teaching that is often shared , the metaphor of “they get to the beach when they get to the beach”.

It’s time to get to the beach.

May everyone’s journey be smooth & arrive safely  & swiftly at the beach.

Today, for the 1st Neaulani’s No’eau,  I’m sharing some very pertinent recent mana’o from

Kumu Neaulani.  I’m sharing only a couple here today as I invite everyone to reflect upon & absorb the layers of wisdom in each..           Malama Pono., Tracey



🌅🌋 Neaulani’s No’eau 🌋🌅


May 3

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Nani which means Beauty and is pronounced: Nahne. We are so blessed to be surrounded in Beauty. Every day the sun rises and sets creating beautiful colors in the sky, the stars sparkle in the evening sky, the earth has flowers, trees, animals and the ocean surrounding us with beauty. The faces of our family and friends and the love we all share is beautiful. Being aware of the beauty in our lives is another way to help keep us spiritually strong and connected with the mana that brought us here. See the beauty out there and you will see the beauty within you. Aloha, a hui hou….


May 2

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Hana mana which means Miracle and is pronounced: Hahnah mahnah. Do you believe in Miracles? I do and it’s because I’d rather believe in miracles which makes them happen then not believe in miracles and never have them happen. Or, even worse, not believe in miracles and not notice them when they do happen. Miracles happen every day. Aloha, a hui hou……


April 30

Today’s Hawaiian phrase is: E kia mau which means: Stay focused and is pronounced: Ay keah mow (as in wow). With each passing day, we move closer to the end of this world pandemic. Yay. By staying focused on where we are now and where we’re going, we are going to find ourselves right where we want to be – and it’ll be by our choice. Control, we do have control. Aloha, a hui hou….

©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck

Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.

Download as PDF Neaulani’s No’eau #1




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March 16, 2019
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When events occur globally that reflect Ino ( intentional harm) and  Pilikia, it can be a time for challenging our Aloha and Pono.

It can be easy for some to jump out of the pono canoe and in to the swirling ocean of fear, anger and a multitude of other negative thoughts/feelings.

It’s easy to  hele ka ‘olelo – walk the talk, when everything seems to be smooth sailing.

When we paddle the Spiritual Path in Aloha and Pono we must strongly stay the course of Aloha and Pono at all times.


Allow recent events of the world to be a reminder to step fully in to your Uhane Nui ( Spirit Greatness and Mana ‘Iho ( self empowerment) and keep radiating your mana in the fullness of aloha.

This piece from  Mana’olana Pink Paddlers is an apt reminder of our Spiritual Beingness and Ho’opono pono ke ala – make right more right the path.

“The Meaning of ALOHA is an expression of our essence. It is the language of the SOUL and often speaks through welcome smiles, friendly gestures and warm greetings.

And although ALOHA is used when saying hello or goodbye. It actually means a great deal more.

In fact to Hawaiians ALOHA is not so much a word as it is attitude or a state of mind peacefully filled with spirituality, compassion, and gratitude

ALOHA desires the best of everyone while endlessly projecting love for all creation from the center of its heart, and while giving generously of itself. ALOHA ask only that we share its gift with others.

ALOHA is by nature unconditional. It embraces all of the humanity with open arms as though it were placing a garland of fragrant flowers around its neck.

ALOHA points to the spiritual potential inherent in all the people of the earth and asks that we express that potential always through positive actions.

ALOHA is the spirit of goodness and if were able to speak it might humbly say ” ALOHA kekahi i kekahi ” Love one another as you would wish to be loved.

ALOHA is the silent breath of the ancients bridging the years into the present to softly caress, encourage, uplift and bless us all.”


I’ve done something here that I have never done before.

I have attached an oli, I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi,  which I would usually only teach in classThat is protocol.
However Nā Kūpuna wanted me to share it, so everyone can simply speak and energise the words.

To keep the focus and awareness on creating more Aloha on the planet, moment to moment.


Let’s all work together to foster and promote

aloha kekahi i kekahi

– to love one another in all we doAloha-kekahi-i-kekahi-elementary

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