Superhero Undies, Eveready Bunny & Aloha ♥

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It’s not often that I sit back from my computer and say a humbling, heartfelt ‘WOW’, and I’m feeling very grateful that today was one of them. The last week had been one that had resulted in me taking many a deep HA breath and exclaiming “Geez, there sure is something going on in the… Read more »

Being of Service in 2017

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As I have journeyed through life, a concept that has always been important to me is that of being of service, of giving back and/or paying it forward. Honouring,respecting and valuing : all life, all who have taken the time to teach and share their wisdom, all who have shown aloha.          … Read more »

Interview with Tracey & Kaleo

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When Barbara asked to interview us, I will confess to being a little nervous! Whilst I trust in & certainly pule’d to ensure the ancestors would be guiding the interview & what came out of my mouth, I’m still human 😉 Also, always being mindful & aware that I am being ka leo (the voice)… Read more »

Pick Up The Phone

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  In this modern technological age, we have the blessing of the smartphone, internet. email, tablet and a multitude of devices to keep us connected and informed. Or do they?   Whilst Google is a wonderful resource for information, it is also a haven for much mis-information. I certainly do bless some of that information… Read more »

Honouring Pono Practices

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As I head toward the final Advanced LomiLomi Training in Australia, I have been reflecting on  the prevalence of people purporting to ‘do’ lomilomi, to ‘incorporate some lomilomi strokes and techniques’. On a visit to the gym recently I saw a flyer for the new massage practitioner there. On reading the flyer, that phrase was… Read more »

Puddles, Pilikia & Pono

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I do so love the way Spirit regularly provide opportunities to check in that my aloha, pono and my hele ka ‘olelo (walk the talk) superhero undies are firmly in place. Tuesday evening I received a message on Facebook from a friend, asking for assistance to find Puddles, a gorgeous little 6 month old bundle… Read more »

Just Leap

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Those who have known me a long time also know that when I receive a clear message to leap or embrace an opportunity, to correct my course or change it completely, I take a few deep HA breaths, look up at the sky & say seriously?! Then I leap on in & paddle… fast! Visualise… Read more »

As a practitioner, when was the last time YOU had bodywork ?

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    There is an article under “Publications & ‘Ike’ on this website titled Hawaiian Lomilomi & Seeking a Practitioner. I originally wrote an extended version of this for the AHHCA Newsletter to assist in the understanding of what Lomilomi is & the questions to ask when seeking an authentic practitioner. As I was… Read more »

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