PO, AO & Huaka’i Pono

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Whenever I’m asked “when are you going  to______next?”, my reply is always the same. “When I receive the message.” Boy does that confound people! Then often comes the question, “But when will you know?”  Reply : “When Spirit give me the message” (aka The Green Light).   The other day I received the message that… Read more »

Are Stones Blocking Your Light ?

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A few weeks ago I saw this photo on Facebook with a title ‘The Weight of Grief’, My eyes widened with my immediate thought of “Wow, what a powerful image of the crippling, debilitating impact of holding on to ‘old mental/emotional stuff’, and the Stones analogy of The Bowl of Light”. Whilst I didn’t read… Read more »

Spiritual Arrogance

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There is no APP for spiritual growth. There is no quick fix or fast track to enlightenment. Over my 30 years of working with clients, I have seen it all. I have had to help ‘undo’ complications, afflictions, disorders and problems that people have experienced by trying to fast-track their path to spiritual enlightenment.  … Read more »

Pele is Dancing

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This week last year I was on Moku O Keawe (Big Island), in Puna, preparing the way for the start of the Cultural Immersion Retreat. How different the landscape is 12 months on. I have had numerous significant, momentous, impactful and ‘chicken skin’ moments during my many Hawaiian sojourns. Those involving the Goddess Pele being… Read more »

As Youʻre Not Teaching Anymore…..

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… was the opening line from an haumana to me some months ago. Although my brain was going “HUH?  WHAT, SERIOUSLY??”, 😳 I maintained my alohapono ʻpoker faceʻ, along with a not- so-obvious deep intake of the HA and replied in an indirect fashion while my brain caught up with this curious perception.   It’s interesting… Read more »

Whatʻs In A Name?

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I have been gifted two Hawaiian inoa (names). As with all Hawaiian names there is the ʻsurfaceʻ meaning and then the many layers of kaona (hidden meaning). HaʻaoLakaināpali : Laka dances on the cliffs This can be seen simply as Laka: Goddess of love, hula and forest plants, dances on the cliffs. Namakanaokalani: one who… Read more »

Can You See The Island?

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In traditional voyaging, it is said a navigator has ‘pulled an island from the sea’ when he or she guides the canoe to land beyond the horizon. Navigators of the traditional, ancient ways are able to see further and in ways that others cannot – thus inspiring their crew to find courage and venture into the… Read more »

Shifting Energies of the New Year

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As we head toward the completion of each year, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been,  as well as the energies of the new year to come.   It’s a time of KOHO  ( CHOICES ).   What people, places, situations, ways of behaving, thinking, speaking, patterns, old… Read more »

So You Have Found Your Voice….

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So you have found your voice……………. but have you read the instruction manual and learnt how to operate it skillfully? Over the last few of months a phrase that has been shared frequently is “I have found my voice.” Ok, so what does that mean? Finding one’s voice and learning to Communicate with aloha and in… Read more »

Cultural Immersion Insights

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      Organising Cultural Immersion Retreats is a hana aloha, labour of love always for me. There are the obvious aspects of accommodation and transport. There’s the months of connecting with, building and ho’omalama (nurturing) aloha and pono relationships with various Kumu and Kupuna. There’s the hilina’I (trust) that the schedule and the people will… Read more »

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