Neaulani’s No’eau : Pule

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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau Prayer, Positive Focus & Gratitude March 12 Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: Pule which means Pray and is pronounced: Poolay. E Pule Kakou. Let’s pray (for the end of the Corona Virus). Aloha, a hui hou…. March 8· Aloha kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: E hele… Read more »

Neaulani’s No’eau : Mana

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  E Komo Mai & Welcome to 🌅🌋 Neaulani’s No’eau 🌋🌅 ‘Ike #2 MANA April 29 Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian phrase is: Hoʻololi ka hiliha’i i ka makaʻu which means:Trust replaces fear and is pronounced: Ho ohlole kah helenah e e kah mahkah oo. If this pandemic brings flutters of fear in your tummy, replace that… Read more »

Neaulani’s No’eau : Aloha

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E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau   Over the last few months, I haven’t been getting any nudge to share any mana’o. I’ve asked Nā Kūpuna every so often & the answer was always basically the same. Simply observe. Be IN the world but not OF it. Just keep doing what you do… Read more »

Aloha I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi

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When events occur globally that reflect Ino ( intentional harm) and  Pilikia, it can be a time for challenging our Aloha and Pono. It can be easy for some to jump out of the pono canoe and in to the swirling ocean of fear, anger and a multitude of other negative thoughts/feelings. It’s easy to… Read more »

PO, AO & Huaka’i Pono

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Whenever I’m asked “when are you going  to______next?”, my reply is always the same. “When I receive the message.” Boy does that confound people! Then often comes the question, “But when will you know?”  Reply : “When Spirit give me the message” (aka The Green Light).   The other day I received the message that… Read more »

Are Stones Blocking Your Light ?

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A few weeks ago I saw this photo on Facebook with a title ‘The Weight of Grief’, My eyes widened with my immediate thought of “Wow, what a powerful image of the crippling, debilitating impact of holding on to ‘old mental/emotional stuff’, and the Stones analogy of The Bowl of Light”. Whilst I didn’t read… Read more »

Spiritual Arrogance

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There is no APP for spiritual growth. There is no quick fix or fast track to enlightenment. Over my 30 years of working with clients, I have seen it all. I have had to help ‘undo’ complications, afflictions, disorders and problems that people have experienced by trying to fast-track their path to spiritual enlightenment.  … Read more »

Pele is Dancing

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This week last year I was on Moku O Keawe (Big Island), in Puna, preparing the way for the start of the Cultural Immersion Retreat. How different the landscape is 12 months on. I have had numerous significant, momentous, impactful and ‘chicken skin’ moments during my many Hawaiian sojourns. Those involving the Goddess Pele being… Read more »

As Youʻre Not Teaching Anymore…..

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… was the opening line from an haumana to me some months ago. Although my brain was going “HUH?  WHAT, SERIOUSLY??”, 😳 I maintained my alohapono ʻpoker faceʻ, along with a not- so-obvious deep intake of the HA and replied in an indirect fashion while my brain caught up with this curious perception.   It’s interesting… Read more »

Whatʻs In A Name?

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I have been gifted two Hawaiian inoa (names). As with all Hawaiian names there is the ʻsurfaceʻ meaning and then the many layers of kaona (hidden meaning). HaʻaoLakaināpali : Laka dances on the cliffs This can be seen simply as Laka: Goddess of love, hula and forest plants, dances on the cliffs. Namakanaokalani: one who… Read more »

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