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Aloha Everyone & welcome to the hānau (birth) of!


When I began the process over 2 years ago of overhauling my then website, little did I know the journey that was really ahead of me. Whilst I knew things were taking the amount of time they were for reasons that would be revealed, little did I know how much change and how much paddling would be involved. It’s been a 2 year journey of I ka pono mea – everything is in perfection/excellence; right place, right time,  right being, hilina’i- trust and ahonui- patience, persistsence, perserverance.

One of the loudest messages was that Tranceformations, my previous business name and website of 20 years was needing to transform. When I received that message loudly one day whilst midst doing a lomilomi, I confess to looking upward and saying “What! Are you kidding me??!! Do you have any idea how much work that entails!!???” At which point my honu picture fell of the wall. Seriously, it did. Had never done it before and has never done it since. I know a ho’ailona when I see one! “That would be a yes” I thought. So with many deep HA breaths, the new business name was registered, new bank account set up, new websites address registered etc

After over 20 years as Tranceformations, it’s time to step into ALOHA RAINBOWS  

When those Kūpuna want you to paddle that wa’a in deep waters, you just gotta ride those waves & paddle fast 😉 The past 2 years has involved much paddling, including paddling in some expanded directions. I’m looking forward to where the next part of this journey leads. Imua!



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