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For the last 20+ years I have been committed to be being a voice of Aloha & Pono for Hawaiian Spirituality, Culture & Healing practices, particularly in Australia.
I have been given a huge shove over the last few months to step onward from teaching Lomilomi in Australia & instead step into a new realm of teaching/sharing via video. Visualise here me looking up at the sky going -Huh, what, are you kidding me??!!!
Yes, there was/has been much eye-rolling & many deep HA breaths, when I kept getting those neon signs. Talk about having to move past much resistance ☺
Apart from the fact that I have no experience in that area & apart from the depth of my intent of honouring, I was clueless. Pretty well still am, however am learning…slowly ! (Hilina’i – Trust!)
I have done my research & priced the equipment : video camera, tripod, SD cards, backup external hard-drives & USB’s for storage, computer, editing softwear. There will also be aloha payments to those who are interviewed ( their knowledge, wisdom & sharing is in reality priceless).
I am humbled that already there are some special beings willing to share & I have a ‘wishlist’ that just keeps on growing.

The Aloha Rainbows Video Project involves interviewing Native Hawaiian Kumu (teachers), Kupuna (elders), Cultural Practitioners & others who are perpetuating their culture. This will then be shared via Online/Remote Learning Courses, Webinars ,Vlogs & Podcasts for the convenience of further learning for those in Australia & outside of Hawaii.

Over the past 5 years I have been involved in raising over $10, 000 in Fundraising for various Hawaiian projects along with the Keiki Sponsorship Program on Molokai.
Now for a change, I’M asking for support …GULP… that’s a big one for me!
If you do choose to pick up a paddle & donate, whether it be 50c, $5, $50 or more, not only will you receive huge aloha blossoms of gratitude from me, you will also be included in the ‘Aloha Rainbows Pono Paddlers Support Crew’ Facebook Closed Group. Here you will be able to view video’s of the journey, out takes, additional footage & other sharings.
The canoe will launch in July when I head to Big Island for 3 weeks.
Slippah’s tied tight, paddle ready & plenty of trust! ☺

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