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There is no APP for spiritual growth. There is no quick fix or fast track to enlightenment.

Over my 30 years of working with clients, I have seen it all. I have had to help ‘undo’ complications, afflictions, disorders and problems that people have experienced by trying to fast-track their path to spiritual enlightenment.                       (I will leave my Ayahuasca rant for another time 😱)


Evolving takes daily awareness and hana.


There are many reasons why ancient esoterics, mystics, masters and indigenous cultures involved YEARS of study and ‘apprenticeship’.

One had to commit to earning their Spiritual Pedigree.


Walking the path of a Spiritual Being involves not only a gaining of knowledge and information, crucially it also involves such important fundamentals as humility, modesty, being of service and unpretentiousness.                                                   There-in lies the potential to Wisdom.

Having knowledge does not guarantee having wisdom.



humble, unpretentious, modest, unassuming, unobtrusive, humility.

Whether one is aware of their spiritual ‘gift’ from an early age or develop and hone your gifts through years of diligent learning, training, preparation and practice, the EGO cannot travel with you on this path. I’m distinguishing here between lower case ego, which we all have and the EGO of arrogance, superiority, condescension, self-importance, domination, belittlement, misuse of energy, thinking one is above spiritual/universal laws.

Ho’oha’aha’a aku : to condescend. 

 E ho’oha’aha’a ‘ia ho’i ka mana’o ki’eki’e o ke kanaka,

the haughtiness of men shall be made low.

Promoting and marketing myself has never been my strong point. I simply do what I do, in gratitude, and am often  deeply humbled by what others share of their experiences. When people would ask me “are you any good at what you do?” I would smile, shrug and jokingly reply along the lines of “People keep coming back, so I guess so” or “I’ve never had a session from myself so I can’t really say”.

Believing your own marketing hype, advertising, media and press releases can be fraught.

Over my many decades of studying and working in the spiritual and wellbeing field, I have witnessed and experienced many who have stepped into Ego and/or thought they could get ahead both financially and spiritually up the metaphoric mountain by endeavouring to leap-frog over others or completely ignore the basic Universal Laws and think they don’t apply to them. ie they embody Spiritual Arrogance. Suffice to say that through their choices their bumpy slide back to reality provided many learning opportunities. Sometimes that has involved their ‘gifts’ being taken away. They may have started start out with altruistic and positive intent, however somewhere along their journey they lose any sense of ethics and integrity and take a digression from the Pono Path.


If someone keeps telling you how good they are at what they do, that they can heal you or bang on about their celebrity status, smile, politely decline and walk away….FAST.                                                                                   They often espouse Spirituality and Universal Laws and are often excellent teachers as they can regurgitate the text book word for word. However look behind the words and ask yourself “do they live and breathe what they teach?”,”do they walk their talk, are they ethical, integral and  pono in their actions?”

Whether it be Yoga, Reiki, Shamanic or any healing practices of any indigenous culture………there is no magic wand.  Being and stepping up into your ‘UHANE NUI (Spirit Greatness) involves commitment,diligence, dedication and work. There is no way of expediting that.


I have been actively seeking and journeying spiritual practices since my teens and have explored many spiritual and metaphysical practices. Many I still utilise today, some simply caused a raised eyebrow and eye-rolling from me.

Be Discerning.

Listen to your na’au, your gut. That will be your guide to pono Beings.


I only write blogs when I receive the nudge from Spirit. This one was prompted by a recent event where I had to hold my mana and pono and be a voice to provide someone, who is currently choosing the path of Spiritual Arrogance, with opportunities to step back on to the Pono Path. They have chosen not to. It’s now for me to hand the rest up to Higher Beings.

In the end, my wisdom understands that it’s always Higher Beings than me that we are all accountable to.

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