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… was the opening line from an haumana to me some months ago.

Although my brain was going “HUH?  WHAT, SERIOUSLY??”, 😳 I maintained my alohapono ʻpoker faceʻ, along with a not- so-obvious deep intake of the HA and replied in an indirect fashion while my brain caught up with this curious perception.


It’s interesting how people place limitations around things from their perception and assumptions. Just because I’ve followed the clear guidance of Na Kūpuna and stepped back from teaching lomilomi at the moment it doesnʻt mean I have “stopped teaching.”

The teaching and opportunities of learning still continues, simply in different forms.

Sometimes, however, because of the limitations of those perceptions, assumtions or through the various filters such as “Iʻve done that course” or “ Iʻve read that book” or “Iʻve heard him/her speak before” or “I donʻt have the time” and so on, opportunites are missed.


A great learning for me came in 2006 when I was sponsoring and hosting Serge Kahili King to present a workshop in Melbourne. Serge has authored many wonderful books, with ʻUrban Shamanʻ being very well known. I had a phone call from someone expressing interest in attending the workshop, however wanted to know “Iʻve read the book, so tell me what Iʻll learn.”  Iʻm sure I sat there doing an excellent fish impersonation wondering how on earth to respond to such a statement.

Ok, so I wanted to say “are you ʻexpletiveʻ kidding me!”, however I maintained my calm and pono and responded with gentle aloha.

When I spoke with Serge about it, his response was “Nothing. She will learn nothing because that is the mindset she would be coming in with.”

He then reassured me that was to be my answer if anyone else asked the same thing. What an insight that was!  It has always stayed with me and been a paʻa foundation with my own teaching as well as ongoing study, reading and re-reading of books, re-visiting documentaries and films. Iʻm a sponge and love it 😀


At one of the workshops where I was sponsoring and hosting Anakeʻ Mahealani Kuamoʻo-Henry, one of the participants asked me “donʻt you get bored sitting in the same workshops all the time?” Again, my fish impersonation and brain being gobsmacked! It doesnʻt matter how many times I hear knowledge and wisdom shared from someone who has journeyed long on that path, there are always new things to hear, things they may not have shared before, or that they speak something that you know, yet need to hear it right at that moment in your life and have an ʻahaʻ moment. Iʻm also humble and grounded enough to know that although I do know a lot, it is a mere pin-head of knowledge in the greater scheme of things.


You can cling to what you know, or think you know…..

or be open to what you donʻt know or deeper layers of understanding.

Being in the presence of, and spending time in any format,

with any Kupuna or Kumu is a learning opportunity.

The Hawaiians have 5 Steps of Learning which are relevant in all aspects of life :


      LISTEN  :  HO’OLOHE                                                 




These steps are powerful reminders of still the mind, be present, listen and hear what is said, hear and see what is not said. Do the hana: take the action. Make it a priority if itʻs important enough to you.


Our ukulele group – The Aloha UkeStars, is certainly a forum for teaching and sharing, as are the Daily Aloha Delights on the Aloha Rainbows FB page  and Instagram; Lomilomi, Hoʻoponopono and Kua Lua sessions; Lomilomi practice days; Ribbon Lei Workshop: ʻIke Sharing Sessions; Blog; Sharings on the Halau FB Page  or simply pick up the phone.


The teaching, learning and sharing opportunities abound and have always been there.

Simply be in the present moment, take the action and say yes!

Ho’omau I ka imi na’auao

Persist in the search for knowledge



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