We are a Melbourne group of enthusiasts of Hawaii, Hawaiian Cultural Practices, Hawaiian Arts, Hawaiian Music & Aloha. Our aim is to share these respectfully & joyfully & to share ALOHA. Hence, our playlists are filled  with Hawaiian mele/songs.

UPCOMING EVENT : 11 Sep 2022, Clayton :  Spirit Harmony Multicultural Festival

Played at : 🌅Sandy By Twilight, April 2021

🎸 Melbourne Ukulele Festival, March 2020

🌺Scheduled to play at Hills Ukulele Festival May 2020 & Spirit Harmony Multicultural Festival (both events cancelled 😔)

@AlohaUkeStars                                               or check out the Aloha Rainbows YouTube Channel

For enquiries for festivals, markets, business/private events, parties:  Contact Tracey on 0411239081 or

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Can’t travel to Hawaii……a’ole pilikia! ( no worries!)….              we’re bringing the islands to you  😎🌺Sandy Village