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         E Komo Mai & Welcome to Neaulani’s No’eau                 

                         Protect Mauna Kea

1 year ago this week, the Hawaiian people galvanised strongly to stand to protect Mauna Kea.
Friday, July 17th is the anniversary of 38 kūpuna being arrested by the state of Hawaiʻi for sitting in the road to block TMT construction related vehicles from moving up the Mauna.

This is to honour all kia’i who stand for Mauna Kea & for the precious kupuna.

Sep8 2019

Aloha Kakou, today Hawaiian word is a phrase: E pule kakou a me ho’omalu ‘o Mauna Kea. Let’s all pray and protect Mauka Kea. Pronouciation: E pule kakou – Ay poolay kahkoh a me – ah may ho’omalu – ho ohmahloo ‘o Mauna Kea – oh maonah Kayah. Mahalo Nui Loa, a hui hou…….

Aug17 2019

Aloha Kakou, your Hawaiian word for today is: Lokahi meaning Unity, accord, in agreement and is pronounced Lokahi-Lowkahee. E lokahi kakou me Mauna Kea – We are in agreement with Mauna Kea. Aloha, a hui hou….

Aug16 2019

Aloha Kakou, E kala mai – Excuse me, it’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks. I went to Mauna Kea last week Friday and had a very moving and exciting experience. And my sister Mahea and La’akea are staying with me for a couple of weeks. We’re having fun going all over and doing all kind of fun things. But now, I’m back on line.
Today’s Hawaiian word is: Ma’a – pronounced Ma’a – Mah ah and means accustomed, used to, knowing thoroughly, experienced.

Aug 3 2019                                                                                                                                   mauna

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is a phrase: E Ku Kakou Pu No Mauna Kea – which means Let’s All Stand Together for Mauna Kea – Eo. It is pronounced: E-a (long a as in May) Ku-koo, Kakou-kahko, Pu-poo, No-no, Mauna-Maunah, Kea-kayah, Eo-a (long a as in May)oh. Eo means, in this usage, Yes, I am here, to call, answer. Now is truly the time for all who support the sacredness of Mauna Kea to stand together – Eo, Yes, I am Here. Aloha, a hui hou….

Aug 01 2019

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is: HO’OMALU which means To Protect and is pronounced: Ho’omalu-Ho  ohmahloo. E ho’omalu kakou ia Mauna Kea. Let’s all protect Mauna Kea. Eo… Aloha, a hui hou……

Jul30 2019

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is IMUA which means FORWARD and is pronounced: Imua-Emooah. Imua na po’e o Hawaii i ka Maunakea. Forward the people of Hawaii to Maunakea. Aloha, a hui hou….

Jul29 2019

Aloha Kakou, today’s Hawaiian word is Ho’omaika’i which means Appreciate/Blessings and is pronounced: Ho’o-ho oh, maika’i-mykah e. E ho’omaika’i kakou i na ho’omalu o Maunakea. Let’s appreciate the protectors of Maunakea. Nui ho’omaika’i ia ‘Oukou apau. Many blessings to all of you. Aloha, a hui hou……

Jul25 2019

Aloha Kakou, whew it’s been such a busy week but I’m back. Today’s Hawaiian word is Malama Pono – Take Care and pronounced Malama-Mahlahmah, Pono-Pono like ono with a P.
E malama pono kakou ia Mauna Kea – Let’s all take care of Mauna Kea. Aloha, a hui hou…….

Download PDF : Neaulani’s No’eau #14- Ku Kia’i Mauna                                   Mauna kea


©️ Neaulani Kuamo’o-Peck

Shared by Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha’aoLakaināpali

with Neaulani’s aloha blessing.



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