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IMG_0828It’s not often that I sit back from my computer and say a humbling, heartfelt ‘WOW’, and I’m feeling very grateful that today was one of them.

The last week had been one that had resulted in me taking many a deep HA breath and exclaiming “Geez, there sure is something going on in the Cosmos!” and “when’s the @#%^ full moon?” (Friday as it turned out!)

It had been a week of people whose actions, words, behaviours, communications, non-communication, requests and questions had spandexed my aloha.

Being accountable for creating what is showing up in my reality, I mahalo’d (thanked) the opportunities Spirit were providing for me to set clear boundaries and speak my truth, in aloha and pono in my mana ‘iho.

Regardless of who we are, what we know, how we live and walking our talk, we all have times when our energies are a little frayed around the edges. The superhero undies are in place, however the elastic has stretched somewhat, the Eveready Bunny’s battery is a little low. Time for a new pair of fully elasticised undies and a new battery!

If I had to label the feelings I would call them disappointment and some sadness. I acknowledged them and that my pu’uwai ( heart) had retreated momentarily to the ‘safety’ of a perspex shield, accompanied by a large glass of wine last night ( for medicinal purposes of course!)

Gotta love those tricky Ancestors, Spirit, Angels. This morning I received this profoundly Aloha email from
a student who I first  met some 10+ years ago in a social setting. Wow, what a reminder of why I do what I do, am who I am, live how I live and follow the path of Aloha. Here is an excerpt….

…….I will change my current site description. From my context you are always with me. There are times I am working with someone and I channel “Tracey.” While I am not actively in contact, you have always been and always will be a mentor for me.

What would Tracey do? What would Love do? are the same conversation and a context that has guided me over the years. The conversation of Love is in many ways idealistic. When I relate it to ‘Tracey’ is when I have Love in action and a path. It is how I describe your light to others. I also have mentors who have long since passed yet the spirit of what they shared can not be extinguished.

 When we met, you had compassion for me even though you knew I was dark and lost. You were the only person who could see there was more and you backed it with your contribution even if it wasn’t deliberate. We can not undo the past and I can not ignore my affinity, love and appreciation for what you did for me. Because of you, all the lives I touch benefit.      SG

Mahalo nui SG for your most profound and precious articulation, which has helped remove the perspex shield, repaired the frayed edges, put the bounce back in the Bunny and the rainbow sparkle in the Undies :) ♥


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